Specializing in small to medium-size companies

Invest Wisely: Your employee's health is your company's capital.

 Through our engaging wellness programs, The Doctor's T.E.A.M. encourages and supports employees to live healthy, productive lives. 

Our TEAM approach combined with our individualized programs and expertise inspires personal growth thereby benefiting the individual, their family, colleagues, and the company.

Meet Nancy Feiwel, M.D. Founder of The Doctor's T.E.A.M.


Prevention is the Core

The Doctor's T.E.A.M. is the culmination of years of experience and passion. Dr. Feiwel founded the company because she believes prevention is key and what better way to interact with groups of people in their prime than at their place of work. 

Dr. Feiwel is a graduate of Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn, NY and completed her internship and residency at Christiana Hospital in Delaware and UMDNJ/Kessler Institute in New Jersey, respectively. She is licensed to practice medicine in Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

Dr. Feiwel consults with a network of professional colleagues to provide unwavering expertise to her clients.

Why work with us



We know good nutrition, activity, stress management, and sleep can prevent the vast majority of chronic disease. The Doctor's T.E.A.M. under the guidance of Dr. Feiwel addresses these core lifestyle entities through engaging, scientifically-accurate programs  Companies with on-going, robust corporate wellness programs enjoy an excellent return on their investment with productive, healthy, happy, loyal employees. 



  • Conventionally trained in medicine with years of  corporate 'field' experience
  • A network of experts with over 100 years experience 
  • Engaging, scientifically-accurate programs with positive results
  • Individualized programs for your employees