More than your standard wellness options

Our goals set us apart


We understand the value of your employees. Our programs enable you to provide a benefit your staff will appreciate. Your workplace will be transformed from a place to work to THE place to work

Content-Driven Healthy Living Seminars


Our seminars are engaging, informative, and topical. Content is developed based on the interests of your employees. Topics may include:

  • Food as Medicine
  • Let's get moving
  • Stress management
  • Why Sleep Matters
  • Infection prevention
  • Healthy travel 

Physical Activities, Challenges, Group Activities


We organize and implement a variety of events to get your employees energized and active

  •  Health and Fitness challenges
  • Walking, running groups
  • Organized events: corporate walks & runs
  • On-site fitness classes
  • Volunteer events

Individual Consultations


The most robust wellness programs offer individual counseling because these one-on-one evaluations are highly effective. Employees identify their health-related goals in a confidential setting and receive information, education, support, and accountability from a health care professional.

Biometric Testing


Do your employees know their blood pressure? Most do not; yet, many have elevated numbers putting them at risk for heart disease and stroke in the near or distant future. If you are going to do one thing for your employee's health, measure their blood pressure. This one act has the power to save countless lives and prevent future suffering.